Solatube Days of Summer
Find out how you can bundle and save.
Solatube Days of Summer
Daylighting and Nightlighting.
Now all in one system.
Daylighting and Nightlighting. Now all in one system.
Idea-to-Install. It really is this easy.
1 Call. 1 Consultant. 1 Day.
Installed in as little as 2 hours, the process is unbelievably simple.
Find out how easy the process can be
Attic & Shed Fans
Remove hot air from your attic and shed.

• Solar-powered, saves energy costs
• Protects your roof and attic
• No electrical connection required
Attic & Shed Fans
What's cooler than a whole house fan?
The fact that we now offer installation, starting with a free in-home consultation.
Whole House Fan
Let the sun shine in
Solatube Daylighting Systems installed in 2 hours
Installs in 2 hours or less
Add form to function
Decorative fixtures only available from Solatube
Add form to function with Decorative Fixtures

Welcome to Solar Light

We’ve been bringing daylight indoors to homeowners in Oregon just like you for more than 10 years. Why? Quite simply, we believe everyone deserves to have more sunshine in their lives.

With Solatube Daylighting Systems, sometimes called tubular skylights, sun tubes or solar tubes, you can enjoy pure, bright, natural sunlight throughout your home.

Areas of service

We proudly service all of Oregon and have daylighting experts on call ready to provide you with the utmost in customer service.

Friendly experts that come to you

As the only company with a team of dedicated daylighting experts, we make it our aim to know more about daylighting than anyone else. During a free, in-home consultation, one of our factory-trained Certified Installation Consultants (CICs) will provide answers to questions like…

  • Which model is right for my needs?
  • How are Solatube Daylighting Systems are better than skylights?Can I add LED lights to the Solatube product?
  • What is the best placement in my room?
  • How many systems do I need?
  • Should I add accessories, such as a dimmer, decorative fixture, or light kit?
  • How long is installation going to take?
  • How much will all this cost?

Finally…home improvement without the hassle

After customizing the best lighting solution for you, we can install it the same day. In fact, many homeowners are so happy with their first Solatube product installation, they have us install more that very same day. If you’re not quite ready to decide, that’s okay too. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable home improvement experience.

Naturally bright, happy homes

Over and over, customers have told us that switching to natural light changed their lives for the better. The only complaint? They wish they’d done it years earlier. Don’t make the same mistake. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can have a brighter, happier, more beautiful home.

Please visit our showroom at: 19854 #106 4th Street, Bend, OR 97759

Jun 18, 2018
Great service from start to finish. The three rooms we put solar tubes in worked out and looked great! Would recommended them to anyone. Thanks guys great job!
Jun 18, 2018
Awesome customer service!!! Very knowledgeable with the product line that they offer. The team was not pushy to get to the sale, in fact the opposite. They offered solutions to the various situations that our house presented. The whole house fan has made a huge difference, the first night our bedroom was 72 degrees, 10 minutes later it was even with the outside air temperature. Our master bath and closet have zero outside ambient light due to the design of our floor plan, the first morning I showered without turning on any lights, in fact I was a little confused when i reached for the light switch to turn it off and realized I never turned it on. If you are in the market for solar tubes, or a whole house fan, or like us both, give this team an opportunity to serve you!!!!!!!
Jun 14, 2018
On time - professional -provided all the information regarding the product -installed 3 solar tubes - cleaned up the debris that the installation caused. Entrance hallway ( with 2 solar tubes) is so much brighter now. Laundry room - at times it doesn't even require turning on the light. Very happy. Highly recommend.
Jun 10, 2018
We now have 4 solar tubes in the four rooms on the dark side of our house. I’m not sure if we would have stayed in this house without them. In rooms that required that we turn on a light EVERY time we entered, now almost never need a light! The Solar Light crew were conscientious and professional. Their work was quick (the last one was finished in less than an hour!) and they left the room cleaner than they found it.
Jun 8, 2018
The gentlemen came, discussed what we wanted, put in the solar tube, cleaned up, and were very personable. We love that we no longer have to turn on lights to see in our living room during the day! And there is no longer any stumbling around in the dark at night as there is a soft glow of light at night with the solar attachment included in the tube. We love it!
Jun 7, 2018
Great product; well worth the money as an investment in one’s home; great installers that are very professional, friendly, personable, knowledgeable and efficient! Thank you so much Brennan and Kevin! We definitely want more Solatubes!
Jun 4, 2018
Whole house fan system. THANK YOU!!! This system is incredible. It is perfect and works exactly as you said it would. Fresh cool air. We normally would be using our AC to cool the house. No need now. It is quiet and incredibly effective.
Jun 4, 2018
We had 2 solar tube lights installed last week. One in our laundry room and the other in our dark hallway. We LOVE them. It’s amazing how much light they bring into a space. We also like the “blue glow” they provide at night. Not too much light, just enough to see where you are going. The installation process went very smoothly. I would definitely recommend them.
May 31, 2018
I am thrilled beyond belief with the whole process. It was too easy from the initial inquiry to the finished installation. My previous experiences trying to have improvements made to my home have been complete nightmares. This was a dream. The guys were professional, friendly and neat - plus they were quick! They cleaned up after themselves. I am in awe. Wish I had more rooms that needed a bit of extra light.
May 29, 2018
In less than 1 hour my dark bathroom became the brightest room in the house, thanks Brennan