bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms, and utility rooms.  

  $897 Installed 

-$197 estimated tax credit*

  $700 total installed cost after tax credit*
Optional Add-Ons: 


 The 10" Solatube is perfect for up to medium sized rooms

bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms, and utility rooms.   

The 160 DS brings in equivalent to 300 Watt light bulb of natural light is a perfect way to bring in living light into your home. 
With all our installed Solatubes we get a full service 10 year warranty. There is no easier way to make your home full of light. 


 kitchens, great rooms, living rooms, offices, vaulted ceilings. 

  $1097 Installed 

-$241 estimated tax credit*

  $856 total installed cost*


The 14" Solatube is perfect for larger expansive areas including

 $700 Installed 

-$154 estimated tax credit*

$546 total installed cost after tax credit*
SOLA LIGHT,skylight alternative is the smart solar powered lighting system that brightens dark spaces in the home and office without compromising on style.
​4 sizes. 
Small: Four 4" lights
Medium: Two 8" Lights
Large: One 14" Light
Extra Large: One 24" Light




1 Large

Perfect for any room. A balanced size for hallways, bathrooms, and even Great Rooms. 


2 Medium

Great way to evenly distribute the skyfixtures light throughout a room 


4 Small

Perfect to add to the corners of a room or more. 


1 Extra Large

Great for our commercial spaces such as schools and offices. 





Sky Power

Standard Control that makes our Solalight directly imitate the natural world outside. 

+ $0

Remote Sky Power

With our remote control you can control the light at all times. Dim the light for a romantic moment, or turn the sunlight off in a home theater. 

+ $75

Day and Night Power

With the Day/Night Power you can turn the Solalight from powered by the sun during the day to powered by the grid at night with a flick of the switch.  Perfect to let there be one fixture on the ceiling for day or night. 

+ $400