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Virtual and In-Home Design Consultations Now Available
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Let us Answer your Questions or Concerns about Solatube Daylighting Systems -- Call or Request Appt Today!!!

Do you think Daylight would look great in your dark or gloomy rooms, but not sure where to start? Take the first step with a free, in-home consultation. During this educational, no-obligation session, one of our knowledgeable daylighting experts will listen to your needs, recommend a customized daylighting solution, perform a feasibility check, and provide you with a no-hassle quote.

  ●●●●●  ●●●●●  ●●●●●   Call us at 256-617-1882  or Click "Get a Free Consultation" to set up an Appointment.If you love what you hear, there’s no need to schedule a second appointment. We’re equipped to install your new daylighting system right then and there. We don’t like to keep people waiting.


One-day installations: Let's do this thing! -- Call or Request Appt Today!!!

CandK Roofing & Construction Services LLC is ready for to take help you bring more sunshine in your home. That’s why our factory-certified installation consultants carry the full line of Solatube products in stock at all times.   Would you like to get your new daylighting system installed today? We can do that. Eager to see all your Solatube Decorative Fixture choices? We can do that. Hoping to upgrade your system with a Solar Daylight Dimmer? We can do that.  ●●●●●  ●●●●●  ●●●●●   Call us at 256-617-1882  or Click "Get a Free Consultation" to set up an Appointment.

Now here’s the best part: installation can usually be done in less than a day with no messy drywall or paint repair, structural changes or re-roofing needed. It’s pretty much the easiest home improvement project you’ll ever take on.

We provide other Contractors with their Daylighting Systems & Solar Attic Ventilation for their Construction Projects.       ●●●●●  ●●●●●  ●●●●●   Call us at 256-617-1882 if you have any questions.
Would you possibly need to sometimes "Turn off" the New Sunshine coming into your previously Dark Room? If so, ask about the (Solar Powered) Solatube Daylight Dimmer. -- Call or Request Appt Today!!!

Solatube has the answer to bring in the sunshine and turn off when needed.  The Solar Daylight Dimmer is a great acessory which allows this feature to your New Daylighting System without the need for expensive electrical modifications.  The remote looks like a drink coaster and the dimmer unit is powered by a small solar panel.  ●●●●●  ●●●●●  ●●●●●   Call us at 256-617-1882  or Click "Get a Free Consultation" to set up an Appointment.


Add some flair to your Projects.      ●●●●●  ●●●●●  ●●●●●   Call us at 256-617-1882 and let us help you.

Solatube Daylighting Systems
Solatube 160 DS Daylighting System

Very affordable upgrade which brings light and joy to your home.       ●●●●●  ●●●●●  ●●●●●   Call us at 256-617-1882  or Click "Get a Free Consultation" to set up an Appointment.

Solar Star Solar Powered Attic Fans

Cool off your Attic without running up your Utility Bill.    ●●●●●  ●●●●●  ●●●●●   Call us at 256-617-1882  or Click "Get a Free Consultation" to set up an Appointment.


26% Federal Solar Tax Credit! -- Call or Request Appt Today!!!

Ask us about the Federal Tax Credit available on Solatube Daylighting Systems, Solar Star Solar Attic Fans, Solatube Skylights with Solar Shade Systems.        ●●●●●  ●●●●●  ●●●●●   Call us at 256-617-1882  or Click "Get a Free Consultation" to set up an Appointment.

Warranty Information

Solatube Highest Performance Guarantee
All day long. All year long.

Highest Performance Guarantee
Thank you for purchasing a Solatube Daylighting System featuring breakthrough technology for higher performance. Solatube International, Inc. guarantees that when using the Natural Effect Lens**, the 160 DS and 290 DS Daylighting Systems deliver more Average Daily Light on an Annual Basis (as determined by the methodology set forth below) than other passive tubular daylighting devices having the same "L over D ratio" (as defined below) that are widely commercially available on the market at the time of your purchase. We are totally confident that no other product offers the total annual performance of a Solatube product. We will give you YOUR MONEY BACK (retail purchase price) if you find such a product.

Limitations on Guarantee
Guarantee offer applies only to products purchased for personal use. Offer is only valid for products assembled and installed according to manufacturer's specifications. Offer excludes new products manufactured by Solatube International, Inc. The guarantee excludes all other products, except Solatube 160 DS and 290 DS products, manufactured by Solatube International, Inc. Offer expires one year from product purchase date.

Methodology for Determining Average Daily Light on an Annual Basis (ADLAB)
The ADLAB is determined by measuring the light output of a system at each hour during daylight hours on the 21st day of March, June, September and December. To determine the ADLAB, these measurements are then added together and divided by the total number of measurements taken. To compare ADLABs, the systems compared must have the same ratio of Length of daylighting tube divided by the Diameter of the tube opening. This is called the "L over D ratio." Testing must be completed by a certified testing agency. 

To Make A Claim
If you believe that you have found a qualifying product that outperforms your Solatube Daylighting System, please send a written refund request with your original purchase receipt with the Solatube product circled, and written test results from a valid testing agency to Solatube International, Inc., Attn: Performance Guarantee, 2210 Oak Ridge Way, Vista, CA 92081. Requests must be postmarked within 365 days of purchase date. Solatube International, Inc. reserves the right to audit any testing or to retest to confirm results.

How State Law Applies
This guarantee gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

*Limited Guarantee

**The Natural Effects Lens does not come standard in all kits.